livre et conférences sur le burn-out et le harcèlement

Burn-out and others pathologies

preconceived ideas with the burn-out mix of different pathologies

The article on burnout in the health alternative of September 2019 makes me react on two points:

Burn-out is an extreme exhaustion that has nothing to do with lack of motivation, discouragement, depression, anxiety, lack of willpower, morale etc.
Extreme exhaustion leads your brain to select the functions that will take the least energy for your survival.
What causes burnout? situations can be multiple but, in any case, there is an overload that the body can no longer bear.
The limits are reached. You can take the parallel with a person who decides to climb a mountain and who find herself in an extreme conditions due to the weather, organization etc. and who does not reach the top because she has exhausted herself by wanting to fight against the elements.

We're not going to talk about demotivation, we're talking about exhaustion. It
is necessary to understand burnout mechanism. This is not transient fatigue.
It's an unexpected, unforeseeable cleaver that falls overnight.

In general, the future "burnt" is a fighter. That's the problem because when you are falling in burnout you must rest yourself and give up. You are in a temporary disability that you must accept. it's the most painful phase.

On the other hand, the advice recommended by this review are helpful. It's necessary to relieve stress, nourish the nervous system, tone and oxygenate the body and brain, Meditation and choosing good nutrition are very appropriate.

In a burnout self-esteem has been undermined and needs to be rebuilt. People around you can help you to recover
by appropriate behaviours.

Burnout, as in any temporary handicap,must be overcome and overcome. This is not transient fatigue and not a nervous
breakdown in term of psychology.

Burn-out can lead to family breakdowns,which will add additional suffering. It is a tsunami that does not spare
the entourage.

There will be pathologies due to the causes and consequences of burnout to be treated.

People who fall into burnout are usually
very tough. This endurance should allow them to win back what has been
destroyed. Reconstruction takes time. But patience is always rewarded.




are usually very tough. This endurance should allow them to win back what has been destroyed. Reconstruction takes time.


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