livre et conférences sur le burn-out et le harcèlement

Human ressources department failures

Some HRD have the Unfortunate "Mania" to return the problem and make you feel that you are responsible. Responsible for what??

For example, not knowing how to say no. To whom? to what? How? Under what circumstances? In what situations? How many people who refused to do this or that thing were threateneds to be fired or become the scapegoat of a vengeful manager??

The burn-out is declared over the duration. It is the consequence of a situation that has been too long.

The Person in a state of burnout and harassment may not be responsible for a failing organisation and Deleterious, behaviours of certain managers (abuse of power, incompetence in the position occupied etc.), co-workers ' behaviors and Humans Resources department failures

Then why this denial??

Lack of resources? Strategy that avoids the implementation of plans for downsizing? Incompetence on certain subjects. Pressure? The company has evolved and is asking for appropriate means to deal with these new health issues.

Human resources are mostly inhuman resources. They are not in the service of all the staff of the company but in the service of a small category.  They consider the other categories as people of bad faith, ill will etc. 

Don't let you feel guilty by people who have made mistakes and who return the situation in their favour. They are responsible for their mistakes, their shortcomings and the lack of recognition of these shortcomings.


When I ask questions, or bring answers to some people, I am amazed by their reaction. As if it was impossible for them to accept advice or not to know. To open their minds and Have humility.




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