livre et conférences sur le burn-out et le harcèlement

When the work hurts you

Anwser to an article on linkedln

The burn-out, and I allow myself to talk about it, because I have experienced and defeated it, occurs unexpectedly and affects the beating people. It is a nervous, emotional and physical (body and brain) exhaustion. I want to keep going, but my brain says stop. He's cutting connections. Depending on the situation endured, it will go into energy saving mode by selecting our modes of operation. The reaction of the "burnés" depends on their personalities. We can't make a generalization about individuation. It is an individual self-defense mechanism that shows 'common symptoms'. What the entourage sees is not what the victim of a burn-out lives and feels. Psychological violence at work can reach heights that become unbearable and intolerable because it has been going on for too long. Often it is not visible at the first glance. It is distilled in small touches over the years. This aims to create a huge rejection, a kind of gigantic allergy that reverberates in all our environments (family, friendly, social). The people needs to rest and this is what is the most restrictive for beating people. All this accumulated stress, we're going to have to get rid of him. It takes time, commitment and patience. That doesn't fit and suit in a world in perpetual acceleration. How to accept That is in complete contradiction and opposition ?



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