livre et conférences sur le burn-out et le harcèlement

Book IMPLOSION in french version

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Perhaps it will be my next step to translate it in english ?

Autobiographical book that I wrote during my reconstruction after falling into burn-out after harassment. I wrote this book for a therapeutic purpose. When I started my writing using all the notes I had taken in response to the traumatic events that had shaken me, I didn't think I would be able to get to the end of my writing, formatting and editing. It was a journey over several years. It has allowed me to understand the mechanisms and psychological games that are being put in place and that leads to this fate.  My goal is to raise awareness of what is being played and to make known what is the burn-out and the effects of harassment, so that everyone can react before they no longer have the power. If reading this book allows people to anticipate and extricate themselves from these kinds of situations by acting, to find answers to the questions they ask themselves and to change their behaviors in the face of these situations, then my writing and all Efforts that it has asked me will not be in vain.  The burn-out is too destructive to be uninterested. Avoiding it is paramount. It took me five years for a "complete" recovery using all possible care possibilities. I had many notions that I had acquired in my readings of medical journals of all kinds. Healing goes through an everyday effort.  The book tells of facts, my reactions to these situations, my analyses and advice. I have introduced episodes of my hikes to reveal my personality and to lighten the context that as the reading can become oppressive.


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